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La Nortenita Grill is a family owned restaurant located in Waxahachie, Texas. They been in business for a little over a year, but even though they been here in Waxahachie for that long, we never thought about going and visit them, until one day my parents came to see me and said they just came from eating there, and told me they had some really good Mole. My wife is a Mole Lover, so we definitely had to go check them out. As I mentioned in the video, it was a little weird to me that at that time there were still not busy, and after we tried their food, I was really surprised because the food we were served that day was definitely very good.

I really liked the salsas, specially the one for the Tacos Tlaquepaque, even though it was very spicy, it was one of those salsas you can actually taste and enjoy while being all enchilado.

This is my first experience blog in our Foodies Clan community, and I will make one for every restaurant we visit even if they are not part of our Foodies Clan Network. If you been there, let me know your thoughts, if you experienced something different etc.

Julio Garcia
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