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It’s where communities come together to greet newcomers, exchange recommendations, to discover hidden GEMs. Where foodies support local restaurants and show them some LOVE. Where business owners can connect and get to know their customers.

We don’t believe in “rating” a business, we believe in actuality showing love❤️!

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We got rid-of the traditional star rating system, because we believe our local small restaurant need more love.

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As a community of foodies supporting and showing love to these small businesses, staying connected and up to date on the latest little GEMs is very important.

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The only way to instantly connect to the people, businesses, and happenings near your home.

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About Us

Foodies Clan was created with the mission to empower small restaurant owners into creating a successful business journey along with a community that love and support businesses like yours. 



Julio Garcia, is the owner and creator of this community, and was inspired by the impact he created in his parents life in creating a successful business. 



Now with the mission of sharing all his ideas, strategies and passion with the world. 

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❤️ food is LOVE! ❤️